Friday, September 30, 2011

All is Well

Work is keeping me very busy, and tired, but all is well. Since I've written about our puppy, I have to tell you he is a sweetie! We all love having him around and enjoy taking him out to enjoy the great outdoors with us. Last weekend we were out off-roading and he was looking out the window and took a leap...all the way the ground. Thank goodness it was a soft landing and I didn't run over him. I was really upset, thinking how easily I could have run over him...but he never made a sound, and came running to me all covered in dirt when I got the jeep stopped. I wish I had taken a picture of him all covered in dirt...but I had a little too much on my mind at the time.

We've been spending some of our evenings out shooting our bows, preparing for hunting season. It's been a fun, and I'm finally getting a lot better at it...hitting the target every time. I didn't say hitting the bulls-eye, but am hitting the target! :) And sometimes the bull-eye!

Our oldest son had a birthday this week. I REALLY miss him, and can't believe how quickly our kids have grown up. If you're a parent of a young one, hold on tight! They'll be gone before you know it!!

Yeah for the weekend! Now it's off to bed, to get up early to go scouting for our hunt next weekend. One of these weekends I'm going nowhere and doing nothing!!! of these days!