Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

My mind has been on my widow friends a lot lately, especially this weekend. I hope everyone is remembering our fallen heroes and honoring them for their ultimate sacrifice. Our church did a beautiful job of honoring them, and it made me cry the whole way through this video they showed. It was a girl writing letters to her dad, who had been killed at war, and it was from childhood through her wedding day. My husband and I said it was like watching a video of Evelyn, our friends Sarah and Andrew McConnell's daughter. Andrew was my husband's Soldier that was killed while they were in Afghanistan, and their baby was born just months after he was killed. We also have several other friends who lost their lives in Afghanistan, and whose spouses, children, parents, siblings are without them today, and our thoughts and prayers are with those families during this difficult "holiday"...

I wish you all a wonderful Memorial Day, and ask that you stop to give thanks for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom you have, and pray for their families today. Also, remember those still in harm's way. May we never forget!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

My Chaplain's Article

My husband had an article posted in the newspaper, and here's a link if you'd like to read it!

To read, click here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


My postings seem to get separated more and more by time. I haven't really felt much like writing lately. Life has been busy!...yet, usually, even when it is busy I feel like I don't know what's up.

The months seem to fly by. We finally got one of the twin's credits from their high school in WA. We're still waiting for the other twin to take his final test this Friday, and then we'll be DONE. I hope! We fought for months and months...5 to be exact! I pray no other military family has to go through was a horrible experience!! What a stressful thing to have to put your children through, as if just moving isn't stressful enough for them.

I've been in the gym a lot lately...finally getting back in shape and taking care of myself like I should! I thought it would be easier once we moved (and not working) but oh how "life" just seems to consume our time. But, I made a goal and commitment to myself to STICK with it, even when I go back to work!!...which will mean hitting the gym at 6 a.m. Boo! I do love morning work-outs though...just not with a ton of Soldiers around, which is what that time of the morning will bring. If I'm still around close to lunch time sometimes I am hurrying to get out for that very reason. They take over the place!...I know...that's why it's there. I'm not complaining, just sayin'.

Summer is almost here, which means I get more time with the twins, and less time with my husband. Hooray for more time with the twins (because they are growing up SO fast), boo for less time with my husband. We haven't had a "normal" summer in YEARS! Whatever "normal" is in the Army. I was hoping it wouldn't mean time in the field though, after two summers in Afghanistan...but no, he'll be in and out again. Thankfully, close by...I'll count my blessings!

I am looking forward to a visit from a very special friend of mine, whose still stuck in WA, this July!!!!...I can't wait! Unfortunately, her husband is BACK in Afghanistan AGAIN. :( But, she's strong and keeping her chin up, and I'm proud of her... don't think I would be handling it as well. Certain I wouldn't.

Well, I'm not sure I have any readers anymore since I've neglected my blog for so long...but it feels good to sit down and write a little...