Saturday, June 8, 2013

More on the twins

PROM 2013! So proud of these boys!

Dillon and his date, Ivy.
Darby and his date, Savannah. 


Their favorite picture!

Boys will be boys!!

I thought I better start documenting the boys' junior and senior years since they'll be off to college before we know it!  We had such a fun school year watching them run cross country and track. They are quite the runners. It was sad to watch the track season come to an end because we loved going to the meets and watching them. They won many track meets, and ended third in state in their 4X4. They were disappointed, but it was extremely windy and the heavier boys seemed to get their day in the spotlight. haha! They were invited to the Meet of Champions though, and placed 2nd with all divisions present!! They had an amazing year, and we can hardly wait for next year. The football coaches saw Darby running and asked him to join the team...and he did. So, this year we'll get to watch football games (though I'm not as excited about that with the high risk of injury...but I'll be sitting on the side lines every game (praying! haha!). 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Handsome Twins

These are two pictures from their track meets this year. I love taking pictures where they have no idea I'm doing it. No smiles, as they're preparing to run, but I love the pictures. Can't believe we have only one more year...