Monday, April 25, 2011

Deployments...Coming Home

I can't think of a more wonderful feeling than to have your Soldier come home! The day my husband returned from a year in Afghanistan will be one I will never forget. I was at nearly every homecoming we had for our brigade, but his flight, of course, was like none other for me. All the others were wonderful as I watched my friends welcome their husbands home, and each one was also difficult as I knew some of our men would not be returning home.

Last night I couldn't sleep so I finally got up and turned on the television. Even though I wasn't able to sleep, I was blessed by what I found...

I'll attach a link to Lifetime's Show, Coming Home for your enjoyment...grab some tissue first!

Click the following link: Coming Home

Friday, April 15, 2011

Deployments...Summer Months

I think some of the most difficult months for a spouse to be deployed is during the summer. The kids are home every day (if you have kids old enough to be in school) and seem to notice even more so that dad (or mom) isn't around. It's not quite as busy and there's more of the day to just miss them it seems...especially when you are a family like ours that does a lot of fishing and outdoor activities that just don't seem the same without him. Our twins sure noticed, being that he was in the field the summer prior to deployment, then left mid-summer and returned mid-summer. It would have been nice to have him home at least one full summer, but what can we do about it?! ...nothing.

I guess there was one nice thing about the summer - I didn't have to make sure they were up at a certain time, I didn't have to help with homework or make sure it was done, I didn't have to worry about them missing the bus (since I worked). I'm sure there were a few other things, but I can't think of them right now.

I am thinking of my dear friends going through a deployment right now, and those who will be going through one soon and have to spend this summer without their husband. I hope their friends and family will reach out and let them know they are loved and appreciated for their sacrifice.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Deployments...No more waiting

This morning they delivered the rest of my husband's stuff from Afghanistan. It arrived at Fort Lewis the very day we pulled away to head to our new Post, 5 months after his return home. It's weird. I find myself trying not to think too much about it, while knowing some of the dirt on those containers comes from place he spent a year of his life.

The first thing I noticed was the family photos at the top. Our twins look so different. They've grown so much since then, and are no longer little boys. My first thought was I wonder if this is emotional for my husband. I'm sure thoughts were flooding his mind. I know one thing, he was happy to see it returned to him. A few things didn't make it back, but HE did and that's what matters!

I know I'm WAY behind in my writing, but maybe this will spur me on to keep up with it better. I know it has sure taken me back to those days of deployment. It made me think of the day I went through containers with my friend, Sarah, after her husband's death and how sad a day that was. I miss her.

This war isn't over, and many more are still deploying. I hope if you're reading this you'll stop and pray for those in harm's way, and their families. I hope you'll pray for those who are injured, and their families, and I hope you'll pray for those families whose loved one paid the ultimate sacrifice. To my friends about to go through a deployment, (again for some) you're in my thoughts and prayers!