Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Long time no write

So much has happened since I last wrote. We've moved to a new post, and are finally closer to family than we've been in years! Just last week we spent five days in Cancun with my husband's family and ALL our children. Our oldest son was even able to come back for R&R from Korea and he and his wife were able to join us!! This was our family photo on the beach.
 I can't believe our kids are grown like this! One of the twins was actually taller than our oldest son. That was pretty crazy to see when they hugged hello.

As far as what's taken place since last time I wrote, like November 2011, we've moved to a new post. We were only at Fort Bliss 18 months when they asked if we were willing to move to a new post. Of course we were willing...much, much, much closer to family!!! We bought a house, something I was thinking we wouldn't do until we retired from the military...but we're so happy we did. It's nice to have a home of our own again! SO NICE!!

It's also nice to have grass again, something we really missed in El Paso! The dog thinks he is in heaven since he's not had grass since he was 6 weeks old. It's funny that we can actually see a "smile" on his face now.

I'm still working for the same company I worked for in El Paso. I transferred here with a promotion, and LOTS of work. :) Still trying to adjust to all the changes. I moved here a month before the rest of the family to get through my OJT, for the new position, in the new area. It was a very stressful move to do it the way we did, but hopefully it made things easier than they would have been had I not...I guess we'll never really know though. Either way, we're here and settling in to a new home, routine and post.

I was thinking tonight that I need to get back to writing again. I really miss it. Even if nobody's reading, it feels good to put my thoughts down somewhere. :)