Friday, April 15, 2011

Deployments...Summer Months

I think some of the most difficult months for a spouse to be deployed is during the summer. The kids are home every day (if you have kids old enough to be in school) and seem to notice even more so that dad (or mom) isn't around. It's not quite as busy and there's more of the day to just miss them it seems...especially when you are a family like ours that does a lot of fishing and outdoor activities that just don't seem the same without him. Our twins sure noticed, being that he was in the field the summer prior to deployment, then left mid-summer and returned mid-summer. It would have been nice to have him home at least one full summer, but what can we do about it?! ...nothing.

I guess there was one nice thing about the summer - I didn't have to make sure they were up at a certain time, I didn't have to help with homework or make sure it was done, I didn't have to worry about them missing the bus (since I worked). I'm sure there were a few other things, but I can't think of them right now.

I am thinking of my dear friends going through a deployment right now, and those who will be going through one soon and have to spend this summer without their husband. I hope their friends and family will reach out and let them know they are loved and appreciated for their sacrifice.

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Natasha said...

Thank you for sharing this. Although I have not experienced deployment yet, I was home...alone...with 3 small children while my husband was at CHBOLC. I too was so thankful it was summer. We had two months We didn't have anywhere to be in the mornings. My husband did miss out on the end of the baseball season, the first of soccer season, and the first day of school.