Thursday, June 7, 2007

Good news!

My husband is doing wonderful! This morning he took his physical training test and did awesome!! He had to do 34 push ups, 38 sit ups and run 2 miles in 18:18. Well, the almost 40 year old did what 20 year olds have to do. He did 47 push ups, 48 sit ups and ran 2 miles in 15:50!!! He called and I could hear the joy in his voice. He was praising God and grateful for all our prayers. God is good! (For those who got my email earlier, I had the times he had to do it wrong so this is even better than I thought!)

He is so pumped about today. This is also the first day for them to wear their uniforms and he was excited about that, too. He's in a huge class. Typically the have about 85 chaplains in this training, but there is 130 there, so things are moving slowly. He's been telling me for days he was ready to do some physical activity so this was a great way to start it out! He said he would send pictures soon so I'll try to post them when he sends them. He says he's practically bald so the kids and I wanted to see that!


Rachel said...

I just caught up on all of your posts. I loved seeing the pictures. You have a beautiful family.
Way to go to your husband on the PT test. I've not heard yet how my husband did. Hopefully, he made his run. :)
I've tagged you for a meme. :) Here's the link for the instructions.


LauraLou said...

Thank you, Rachel. Sorry, I haven't had time to work on the meme. I hope next week is more calm...

Praying for you!