Saturday, June 16, 2007

I will thank the Lord with all my heart;
I will declare all Your wonderful works.
I will rejoice and boast about You;
I will sing about Your name, Most High.
Psalm 9:1-2
Today we are taking it easy. We had to get up a little early to get ready for the new realtor to come and afterwards we went to the movie. The rest of the day we've enjoyed doing absolutely nothing!! Since I switched realtors I didn't have to worry about anyone coming to view the house today...what a nice break! Tomorrow we're going to try a new church. I went to their Wednesday night bible study and really liked it so I'm looking forward to tomorrow's worship service. The boys weren't with me then, but they are looking forward to going also.
We set up a web cam and sent my husband one for Father's Day. He's still trying to get his up and running. We sent him a box full of goodies and pictures and presents for Father's Day and he got it on Thursday so I told him he could open everything except the things marked, "Do not open until Sunday!" I thought it was a blessing that it arrived on Thursday since it was a tough day for him with the gas chamber. I'm sad we won't be with him for Father's Day. Total bummer!
The picture above was taken by my daughter in Honduras. She tried to come home today because she is sick, but there wasn't any seats open on the plane. I hope she gets to feeling better and can enjoy this week.

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