Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Life is different

I am really missing my husband and wishing we were together. If I could drive there in 5 hours, I think I'd go right now! It's just not the same without him around.

Today he got his hair shaved off. He said he looks pretty much bald...only skin on the sides and back with a half inch on top. He thinks it's even shorter than when he went into basic training...and not liking it too much. He said he looks like someone from a concentration camp.

Our daughter is here with me and her boyfriend went on tour with his band for the summer. Last night was long and hard as I had A LOT of work to do for my company and she was upset and kept me up for the little time I had to sleep. She said that sounds so loving! Anyways, we will just miss our loves together for the summer (although my love has much more history and deeper ties!)

I am so tired and would love to just check into a hotel, get a massage, sleep for days and forget about everything I have to do. (That won't be happening!) Our house still hasn't sold, but I just continue to trust the Lord in all of it. I try not to stress about keeping it clean ALL THE TIME...

I bought our twins camouflage bedspreads and all for their rooms. They are away at the lake with my brother and sister-in-law for the week and I wanted to do something special for them...I hope I have time to decorate before they return home! I know they will love it.

Well...off to dinner with my daughter! We need a break!

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