Thursday, June 14, 2007

The small hole in my purse

For probably two weeks now things in my purse have been disappearing. One day I went without mascara to work because I couldn't find it anywhere. After searching my purse three times, my car and bathroom I gave up and went on to work where everyone thought I was sick or tired or something (boy does mascara make a difference on these tiny eyes). Needless to say, I purchased more.

Two days ago I lost another item and started to wonder what was I doing, dumping my purse in the car or something...

This morning, as I reached into the section where I carry my make-up, I noticed a tiny hole. Oh! There it is...mascara, and all sorts of things I even forgot I had in my purse. That little hole had begun to take over things and I was completely oblivious to it.

Immediately this thought came to mind:
How often do we look for the holes in our lives? When things seem to be missing do we search out the answer? Are we walking around with holes that we don't even realize are there and things are falling through that we are oblivious to? It might be that we have a hole in our heart that only God can fill, but we don't know where that hole came from or how to fix it so we just continue to let things fall through and don't give it much more thought (much like me going to buy more mascara and moving on with the new instead of searching until I found the old one). Or maybe we don't realize things in our lives are falling through the hole. I found so many things on the other side of that little hole, things I once used and realized I missed them when I found them but for some reason they weren't so important to me that I realized they were gone. That's the scary one! What if we don't even realize things are falling through the hole? What do we do to ensure that doesn't happen?

If you realize you are missing something, dump it upside down and clean it out completely right now! Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Clean it out often so that you are sure there aren't holes. The moment you realize something is missing search it out! Don't dismiss it. Start over and get a brand new one if you have to, or sew up the hole (but make sure you've gotten EVERYTHING out from behind the hole first!) Whatever you do, DON'T leave it'll eventually take everything.

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stayathomemotherdom said...

Good's difficult for people to accept that they have these holes in their lives and need God.