Sunday, June 10, 2007

Count your blessings, name them one by one...

This hasn't been an easy week, but it has been full of blessings. To name a few:

  • My brother and sister-in-law kept our twins for me all week (they live on a lake and own a camp ground) and my boys loved that. Double blessing...they are doing it again this week!
  • I was able to be there when my son was sworn in. I hated that his dad couldn't be there, but we sent pictures via email.
  • I got a lot of emails and phone calls from my husband.
  • I was able to see some of my friends from our former church.
  • I was able to spend time with my daughter before she left for two weeks to go to Honduras.
  • I received emails, comments on my blog, phone calls from friends and family saying they were praying for me and our family. One of my friends wrote me the sweetest email and ended it with this scripture that really spoke to my heart. Zephaniah 3:17 "You, the Lord my God, are with me. You are mighty to save.You take great delight in me, You will quiet me with your love, you will rejoice over me with singing."
  • After taking Thursday off of work to be with my son, I arrived at work on Friday to find my desk decorated with all kinds of beachy things and later received other gifts or hints of things to come throughout the day, had a wonderful lunch with my team of executive assistants and from there they surprised me and took me to a nail salon where we had manicures and pedicures (with foot/leg massage!) while sitting in a massage chair. They were SO sweet to do this for me. They truly are wonderful friends to me and such a joy to work with. We always have a lot of fun together!
  • I had a wonderful time with the Lord this morning, spending time in prayer and in his word, while sitting by the lake. The Lord constantly uses the morning by the calm lake to remind me that HE is my calm. He quiets my soul. Today I pictured myself sitting in a small rickety boat and as soon as I would stand up the waters would make ripples or the boat would tip a little, and I felt the still small voice of God telling me to sit down and relax and everything became calm again. Speaking to my heart like only God can, I knew he wanted me to trust him more, to sit with him a while and to just be still, and to know that he is right here with me calming my storm for me...if I will but let him.
  • I went to a new church and it was a wonderful time of worship. Since I no longer really have a church to call home I was crying out to the Lord, asking him to lead me to the right place today, and he heard my cry. I thank him for that.

As I sat here counting my blessings, I was reminded that I need to be praying for our soldiers more, and for the war to end soon. I know many bases with hurting soldiers are waiting with anticipation for these chaplains in training and that the need is great for them right now. I hope everyone who reads my blog will pray daily for protection for those who faithfully serve our country.

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