Wednesday, June 20, 2007

To my new friends who are military wives...

I thank the Lord for blogger! I know you do, too. It seems to have calmed me some and, definitely, has me pumped about moving back into the military community! I only hope to meet you all face to face one day so I can give you a hug and thank you for all the words of encouragement.

I'm beginning to email back and forth with some of you. If you haven't sent me your email address, but would like to, please feel free to leave me a comment with your address and I just won't post it. Let me know how I can pray for you as well.

To those of you visiting your spouses in training, I pray tbere is great joy and peace in spending time together, and safety as you travel. I'm also praying for all those who don't get that opportunity. Three months is a long time to be apart and I pray for comfort and strength for you.

To those of you whose spouses are serving in the war right now, my heart goes out to you. I pray for your spouse's protection and well being. I pray that God will comfort you and give you strength. I pray God will protect you and your children and place people in your lives that will minister to you. Most of all, I pray that God will be real to you during this time and that you will grow closer to Him and find peace in the midst of your storm; that you will trust in Him with all you have and be blessed as you, too, serve our country.

Thank you for your friendships. You are a blessing!


Amy - said...

Thanks. Praying for you as well.

Meredith Christensen said...
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LauraLou said...


That's exciting! You are right - there is no safer placer to be then in the center of God's will - even when the sacrifice is great and it's scary. I would love to talk to you more...though my journey has just begun as well. I need to post more of my journal from my other blog so you can read what we went through while praying about this. I will do so later tonight.

My husband hasn't updated his blog because you have to get everything approved first and he doesn't want to go to the hassle right now. I try to keep up with mine so everyone can hear how he's doing.

I would love to talk via email, if you want to send your address. I won't post it.

LauraLou said...


I'm not sure if some things might be sensitive so I've removed a few of them until I hear whether they are ok to post. Please let me know when you are commenting if you prefer it not be visible to others. They are great comments that really show God working in our lives, but I want to be careful not to post something that was meant to be personal. No one has said anything, but I later thought it might be best to keep things off that someone might not want shared with anyone and everyone.

I may reply with your first name only so as to answer questions or get your email address. If you want it posted, please don't include your email with your comments. Just send another comment with the email and your name.


Anonymous said...

Hello. Just found your blog yesterday, and to my surprise...I just met your husband. Let me introduce myself... My name is Heather Sewell and my husband, Scott, is at CH-BOLC with your husband. He actually gave him a ride to and from post last week when I was at Fort Jackson. I will be going back to Fort Jackson for the week of July 4 (driving 10 hours instead of flying this time!) Just want to thank you for the encouragement on your page. So amazing to meet other wives going through the same things. I'm not personally a blogger, but I certainly am becoming addicted to reading them. I'd love to hear from you. I will be praying for your family, please do the same for me!