Monday, July 2, 2007

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Today we came back from the beach and went on post so Kevin could show me around. It felt very awkward (not in a bad way) to see so many people in uniform. Even though we’ve been in the military before, this felt foreign to me. I was nervous, but excited. I’m not really sure why I was nervous, but I was.

Tonight we had dinner with one of the other men here for chaplain training and his wife, Heather. I’ve written about her before. It was so awesome to finally meet! They are really neat people and I see now why our husbands connected. It was a blessing to talk and laugh and enjoy each other’s company. We all hit it off like we’ve been friends for years.

Later in the evening he had to be on base for check-in formation so I went with him. Heather decided to join her husband as well so we sat and talked about it all. After that we went to meet Eddie's and Herb's wife. We all stood around and talked for probably an hour. They're on base and their little one bedroom apartments were nice. I fear that if Kevin moved into one of those I'd really hate leaving. It felt like a home...and it's hard enough to think about leaving a week from now. All I want to do is fly my kids up here!! If our house was sold and I didn't need to work, I'd be here for the summer with him for sure. It feels so wonderful to be where we belong now. As the day passed on, I prayed, "Lord, we ARE where you want us - I feel it! This is good."

While Kevin is in training tomorrow, we are taking a trip to the Billy Graham Library with Heather and her son. I’m really looking forward to it. It will be nice to get to know them better and see the library. This was her son’s request, and, after meeting him, I see why. He’s such a nice young man. It’s always nice to meet teenagers who seem to have their head on straight! He reminds me a lot of my children...wish they were here!

Kevin has a lot of homework tonight and will have to get up early in the morning so I’m trying to stay quiet and not be a distraction. Not so easy when you’ve been apart for a month, but I’m sure tryin’…

It’s tough to get online here so I’m typing everything up on a word doc and just waiting for the moment when it finally connects. It’s nice knowing I don’t HAVE to do anything this week. In fact, it’s more than nice…it’s wonderful!!

Note: As you can tell, I never got online last night. I couldn't get it to work until this morning.

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