Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Good times at C'mon Inn

This is the hotel we stayed at last night and until literally 2 minutes before we had to check out at noon today. It was such a cool place. We played ping pong, swam, relaxed in the hot tubs and the twins played a lot of games in their game room. I beat both the twins in ping pong this morning, Pops! No mercy...
The suite we stayed in was really nice. From the bedroom we had a balcony we could sit at and see the waterfall. On the third floor they had leather couches and chairs to sit on outside your room.

OK, so I know this might seem cheesy to blog about, but our twins thought it was an awesome place to stay. Every time we stop to get a hotel they get so excited and wonder what it'll have to offer for fun (while we're just looking for a comfortable bed...haha). One of the twins spotted this place from the road so we agreed to see if it was nice and the price was right. It turned out to be the best place yet! It has been such a blessing to see the pure excitement in their eyes as we've traveled along. We are all very excited and anxious about tomorrow - when we will arrive on our new Post! Here's a couple of pictures we took along the way today. I couldn't get a good shot of the rivers and lakes we saw from the highway, but it was beautiful.

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