Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Lord's Day

This is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Yesterday evening we took my husband out to dinner for his birthday and had a really fun time. The twins kept teasing him that they were going to tell the waitress it was his birthday so he could get a free dessert and be sung to (their goal - to embarrass dad I'd say!). It was so funny to watch the three of them. My husband didn't really believe they had the guts to do it, but I assured him they did. There was one moment when one of the twins (DR) just couldn't stand it anymore and he just blurted it out to the waitress. Knowing how my husband really felt, I told her he didn't want to be sung to and she assured us it was company policy that they couldn't sing. She failed to mentioned that she would come back with balloons and dessert and a birthday sign! We laughed harder than we have in days (at least the twins and I did...)After we returned from dinner, we came to the conclusion that this hotel room may be home for a while and that we needed to be content in all things...ALL things! We looked everywhere for an apartment yesterday, but nothing felt right. Not only would another move be really tough (meaning we would either have to get a few furniture items to get by or have our stuff delivered and then repack when the time came to move on post), but most places wanted at least a 6 month lease and our house could be ready anytime in the next one to three months. The more we talked about it, the more we all felt this is where we needed to stay. Today I told my husband this place was sort of growing on me...and he agreed. This was before chapel...

We went to two different chapel services this morning - Chapel Next (contemporary) and one other that was extremely small, but where my husband might be preaching in the near future. (The sermon title...Patience!) The first chapel reminded me of our church we left when the Lord called my husband into the military, and the second one reminded me of the little country church in Oklahoma (great acoustics!) where he was interim pastor at one time...but even smaller and a lot younger people. The services were very different, and I enjoyed them both. More than anything I would say it was about the opportunity to worship the Lord today. It just felt good to focus on God, who IS the same yesterday, today and forevermore! If there's one thing I'm certain of during this transition, it's that my God is constant. He does not change! As we drove home from chapel, I turned on Big Daddy Weave's hit - Every Time I Breathe (since we found out they're going to be in concert here on post next week!!) so my husband would know who they were talking about and we all sang and praised the Lord.

After chapel we came back to the hotel, changed clothes and headed to the PX to eat lunch and get our twins their school supplies. While we were there it began to rain (the first time since we've been here) and as I walked to the car, leaving the rest of the family to stay dry, rain drops falling, I felt such a sense of belonging. I KNOW all things work for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose and I am excited about serving the Lord (with gladness!) here - come rain or shine, good days or bad days, easy days or tough days...

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