Monday, September 17, 2007

More blessings (from my post earlier today)...

Blessing #4 - Our twins loved their new school and their teachers, and they made new friends. They came home so happy...which makes me and dad happy, too! They're working on homework right now and it's nice to see them excited about school.

Blessing #5 - I got to spend more time with Kevin than I expected today. That's always good!!

Blessing #6 - I was able to get our "home" reorganized to make for more room to move around. It looks nice!

Blessing #7 - I was able to do laundry in our FREE laundry mat here in the hotel! Free is always good!

Blessing #8 - While doing the laundry, I met a really sweet lady from Russia. I enjoy meeting new people!

Blessing #9 - Quite a few of my friends emailed me today. It was so nice to hear from them and so wonderful to know we are being lifted up in prayer. We really appreciate it!

Blessing #10 - It's beautiful here! The sun is shining and I'm so at peace. I'm sitting here on my bed, feeling the cool air coming through the window and watching my family working on their "to do's"...and I don't have ANYTHING I have to do!!! I haven't known what that has felt like in a long, long, long, long time!!


Anonymous said...

Praise God for the blessings He gave you today. Andrea

Whitney said...

I love it! No, it has not replaced Burke, but it makes it better when he's not around!
I got it from a lady in Hurst for FREE! It seriously is the perfect kitten, remember how kitty was so crazy as a kitten...she is nothing like that, she came very house trained and only 6 weeks old!Miss you boys, and dogs are cooler for boys haha

Allyn said...

Cats are good for boys too yaknow! Mark is crazy for our cat even though he doesn't like to admit it too much. Dogs are more macho.