Friday, September 7, 2007

Moving along...

On Wednesday we drove from Texas to Colorado. It's the strangest feeling when you realize you began your morning in one state and ended it in another. The temperature dropped about 30 degrees and we went from flat land to mountains everywhere. Today we will start our day in Colorado and probably end it in Wyoming!
Yesterday we spent the early morning traveling through the mountains of Colorado (where the temperature dropped to 49 degrees!) and then spent the afternoon fishing. We never caught a thing...bummer! The boys tried to say we weren't leaving until we caught something, but I think the cool air finally got to them. I fished, but I really just went along to be with them. I love the excitement when they catch something, so that was missing yesterday, but even more so I just love watching them interact with their dad and seeing how he takes care of them. He barely gets to fish from having to change out lures or untangle their lines or whatever else happens along the way, but he still loves it!
There was one point where I went to the truck, grabbed my ipod, looked out across the lake at the beautiful mountains surrounding us and just stood there and worshipped God. I noticed the trees, and the rocks, and the clouds, and the sun hitting different mountains. I found myself lost in the glory of God's beautiful creation. Our God truly is an awesome God!

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Paulette said...

Looks beautiful.... everyone looks happy, I know Kevin is loving the fishing after not being able to for so long. Thanks for the updates it is good to know how you are doing.
I sure would love some of that cool weather!! It actually was alittle cooler here today.
I am praying for ya'll, and love you.