Thursday, September 27, 2007

God heard my cry

This morning as I was driving home from taking the boys to school I was talking to God about making friends here. It has been difficult to really meet people and connect these first two weeks, but then again there's not been a whole lot of opportunity to do so either. But, today, I guess because I'm moving into a home, I was wishing I had a friend to share the fun of moving with. Little did I know...God was already at work.

After spending a little time at the house, unloading a few more items from my car, I decided I had better get to the gym before it became too easy to just skip it for today. As I drove to the gym, I talked on the phone (hands-free) to one of my good friends back home who always lifts me up and makes me laugh and that was good for me. I walked from the my car to the gym door, fighting back the tears, thinking, "I wish she was here."

Typically, when I feel a little down, I just try to get lost in the work it out, lift weights, feel the pain, then leave. This morning was different...I almost left when I decided I'd go over to the stretch area and do some sit ups. As I was stretching and almost ready to leave, I began to talk to one woman that I've talked to several times before and, as we were talking, another woman walked up to finish up her routine. make a long story short...we started talking and discovered she lives across the street from me! We can look out our kitchen windows and see each other. Small world! Sure, we both live on the same post...but what are the chances! I considered it a God thing! She's really nice and it felt great to finally meet someone who would be close by. More than anything, it was great to know God heard my cry.