Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Today has been pretty laid back. I took the twins to school and came back to find my room all cleaned and the beds made again (I could get used to this!), spent time with the Lord, went to the gym, talked to several of my friends back home, watched my husband put all his field equipment together and then wished him well as he went to meet his assistant for the first time, worked on my book a little, cooked dinner (with the twins help) in our community kitchen and then we all ate around our little table in our room (which has only three chairs so we have to pull it up to the bed), and now the twins and I are relaxing (watching one of their favorite shows - Dirty Jobs) while my husband is gone to a meeting...his first official "chaplain" type of meeting.

We moved up on the housing list from 12 to 11. Someone got a new home today! I'll be glad when it's our turn. Although, I sort of like the fact that we don't have a house yet. I needed this time to rest before having to unpack everything and set up our house. Every single night we would have to move all our containers in to the inside of our truck before going to sleep at the hotels, and they weren't light! When we arrived here we had to bring all those containers in and, unfortunately (and to our surprise), there's not any elevators in this old hotel so we had to carry them all up two flights of stairs. That's why the only place I want to go from here is into our new home...

It has been an absolutely beautiful day! The sun was shining all day and the temperature was perfect. On a clear day, this is our view from on post. One of the twins took this picture from the car as we were driving around our first day.

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