Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Warrior

He's a Soldier.
He's a husband.
He's a dad.
He's a son.
Into battle he will go one day,
No gun upon his chest;
Just a bible and our prayers,
For it's the cross he represents.
He marches with our Soldiers,
No matter what the cost,
For the One who called him said,
"Follow me, for some are lost."
He's my hero!
He's my love!
He's their chaplain,
For our God.
As I was just about to sit down to eat lunch with a friend today, my husband walked through the door in his ACUs (camo uniform) and painted face. He had been in the field to see his Soldiers. I felt so honored to be his wife as he quickly grabbed his lunch and headed back out. Typically, I'll just start praying when I have thoughts of him going off to war, but today was different. I wanted to write a poem about the man I love who is willing to follow the Lord, even in times of war. Although he will never carry a gun, he's still a warrior...

After a long, hard day he still let me take his picture! He said it was a really good day and he loved spending time with his Soldiers.


Paulette said...

This was a sweet post Laura. I loved the poem. I also loved the picture!!
I will be in prayer for Kevin and you!

Scott said...

God bless you and your family.