Monday, March 24, 2008

From Stranger to Friend

Before heading off to meet a "stranger" who I already considered a "friend" though we had never officially met face to face, I told my daughter my life seems to be all about meeting strangers these days. It's a little awkward at first - that initial "Hi, I'm Laura"...knowing they might know more about me than some people I've known for years because they get on my blog all the time - but it's turned out to be a blessing every single time! Today was no different.

I just looked back. It was Friday, Jan. 4th when I received this comment - "I just stopped by after finding you on Gentle Whisper. I'd love to get connected with other Ch Wives, mine is currently a CH Candidate at CH-BOLC. I'm adding you to my list. Have a blessed day." The funny thing is, she lives very close to me. God never ceases to amaze me at his goodness. This is now the 2nd woman I've had the privilege to meet here where I live that I initially met through my blog. I wish all the others lived close by...maybe someday!!

I never would have thought this blogging thing would bring about such wonderful friendships. Since beginning this particular blog, I've had the privilege of meeting, praying for and getting to know some truly wonderful women, and I can't thank the Lord enough for the joy it has brought to my life. Most of them don't live close at all, but I feel as though they are right next door some days as they are constant in my life.

Mary - thank you for taking the time to meet with me today! I had a good time talking with you and getting to know you more. I can't wait to hear about your time in SC when you return.

Meredith - I'm so jealous Mary will have the opportunity to meet you before me (joking!). I know you both will be blessed to meet each other! Have a great time getting to know other chaplain spouses!

Sheryll - I'll see you tomorrow!!


Sara said...

If "anonymous" is reading this- I published my views on the chaplaincy and our story on my blog!

Amy Maxwell said...

Awesome! I cherish the friends I've met in person because of my blog. Wish I could see you again soon, Laura.

And I'm still waiting to meet Sara and her new baby. :)

Laura said...

Amy - thanks for all you do to connect people!! I miss you, too. I know one of these days we'll all see each other again. I just got a text from Heather S. and they are well, too. We need to get a reunion planned! :)
Love you!

Sara said...

Amy- we were SO close! Alas and alack, "The needs of the Army..."

Sometime though! :-)

MaryLu said...

That was a nice comment I left! Ha Ha! I hope that my words are always seasoned, for someone might actually be reading them. Hee hee!
It is so amazing how God has allowed the blogging world to be such an encouragement and Him-glorifying!
Neat, neat, neat that He allowed us to finally meet!

Meredith said...

We may not all live close for now, but that's the great thing about the army! One day we may very well be neighbors. We can hope! :-)