Friday, March 14, 2008

We're moving!

...across Post that is! Yesterday we were offered a 4-bedroom/2.5 bath/2-story duplex. We won't actually move in until June 6, but we're so excited! The neighborhood is so cute (picture below taken from the website, not our actual house), and from our backyard we can see the lake. We were sold on it the moment we saw that!! We can walk to the beach area and marina in two or three minutes.

Our three bedroom house got a little crowded with our daughter moving in (not that we are complaining about that!) and we have been checking the waiting list every day, hoping something would come available soon. In fact, my husband began to want to move off post more and more. We looked a little, but I never was convinced it was what we should do...even though the idea was beginning to appeal to me, too. The night before the call from the housing office, my husband asked me if I had been out looking any more lately and I told him I hadn't because I wasn't convinced it was the right thing to do, nor did I want to put a $1000 deposit down for a rental home. He asked that I still look. Last night he told me he felt that was the Lord's way of keeping us on post. I agreed.

The other neat thing about this house is, as we were driving down our street, one of the twins noticed that another chaplain and his family lived right across the street. The last name sounded familiar so I called my husband and asked if he knew him. Sure enough, it was one of the chaplains he went to Hawaii with. Just the thought of another chaplain family living there made me happy. Then come to find out we knew him...that was even better! Not long after they returned from Hawaii he preached at the chapel and we all were blessed. The boys said he was the best one they had heard yet. Today he is serving in Iraq.

Today his wife and I talked on the phone for about 15 minutes. After realizing where her husband was, I just had to at least call and introduce myself and make sure she was doing OK. Talking to her was such a blessing. She said they are all doing great and he's seeing God work there. Please continue to pray for our Soldiers, Chaplains and all the families!

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