Sunday, April 20, 2008

21st Time Video

On Friday night, while out with my kids, we were approached by a man who gave us a long story about how he needed some money to put gas in his car down the road. Looking into his eyes and observing his body language, I knew deep down he was lying. My daughter's boyfriend, Skyler, felt the same.

Even so, we just couldn't say, "no we can't help you," so we told him we'd go find his car "with his wife and son" and put gas in the car. I didn't feel comfortable letting him in my car, so we told him to start walking and we would meet him there. Once he finally arrived (to our amazement) he had to tell the truth. I allowed Skyler to do the talking and the kids and I remained in the car.

About 30 or 45 minutes later we see Skyler going into the gas station to buy the man something to eat. We went in to see what was going on. He told us that the man confessed that he was lying to him so, because he had lied to him, Skyler told him he could not give him money, but that he would buy him a hot cup of coffee and a sandwich.

I left there feeling good, not mad, because Skyler reached out to him, even though he knew the truth was not being told. He could have easily walked away, but he confronted the man in his sin, shared the love of Jesus and ministered to him.

I wonder if one day that man will change because a young man reached out to him and loved him despite his sin.


Anonymous said...

That same type of situation happened to my husband when we were first married! I bet you are proud of Skyler! Hope you will have a wonderful week! In Christ's Love, Angie

Paulette said...

I believe it was a divine appointment,even through he lied, if you would have just given him money, Skyler couldn't have witnessed to him. He planted a seed. It was not a mistake.

Laura said...

Definitely! mistake.

Theresa said...

Amazing story. Your family is such an example of service. Thank you for constantly thinking of my family and giving us help.

MaryLu said...

Some will plant, and some will water, but God will give the increase. (very loosely paraphrased!)
Blessing others is often more beneficial to the giver than the reciever. Wonderful story.