Monday, April 7, 2008

Box of love and encouragement

I was looking through one of my shoe boxes, where I thought I would find a card to send to a lady I'm praying for, when I came across several cards and things that I've kept because special people in my life gave them to me. This was a poem written by my oldest son and given to me on Mother's Day 2004:

You might look at this number
And see only a number,
But when I look at this number I see my mom.
I see my mom because it's the number of moms that could replace her.
I see my mom because it's the number of times I felt unloved.
I see my mom because it's the number of times that she stopped giving.
You might look at this number
And see only a number
But, if you ask me, I see my mom.

I love you so much.
God knows what we need right when we need it! I just asked for prayer because I was missing my son. I don't think it just so happened that I found this tonight. Reminders of my son make him feel closer.

Son, thank you for your love. You are such a blessing in my life, every day! I love you and miss you so much, and pray I will see you very soon. In the meantime, know that I pray for you every day, several times a day. I'm honored to be your mom.

Lord, thank you for my children and the blessing they are to my life. Thank you for this gift of encouragement tonight. Watch over, protect and guide my son. Send encouragement his way when he is lonely or homesick, and provide strength and wisdom for each passing day. In Jesus name, amen!


Cheri said...

That is a great poem! I just love coming across things like that. Praying for you and your son today.

Laurie Adams said...

OH MY! Reading that poem gripped my heart. God has a way to minister to a momma's heart when she is sick with heartache of missing her baby so much. I can remember when Jeremy was first gone to bootcamp and we could not talk to him, how God would bring my remembrance of such fond memories and funny things that Jeremy would say or do. Jeremy wrote me the most beautiful thank you Mom card before he left and I read that thing every single day and cried every single day, but I believe it helped me to get thru those long, long 6 weeks of training. Somehow thru that note, I felt Jeremy's closeness and love.

Put that poem somewhere you can see it everyday and let it remind you that even though your son is away from you ...he is near in heart and love.

I am praying for you today. -love Laurie

Laura said...

Thank you for your prayers, Laurie and Cheri. I really appreciate it!

Janete said...

hi there...i came across your page from monica's dailing dwellings blog. what a beautiful poem your son wrote! it made me cry! i so want my children to think those things of me one day. i also wanted to say what beautiful pictures your family took! i saw them and thought "oh, that's here!" ehhehe i live in the DC area, and it was nice seeing familar sites so beautifully photographed.


Laura said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I don't live in the DC area, but was referring to the state capitol where I live. It's almost as pretty as the DC capitol though. My daughter is a great photographer and is teaching one of our twins to take great shots. He saved to buy a nice camera and is putting it to great use here. Thank you for the compliments. I will let them know you enjoyed them. They love when I post them!