Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!

You are such a wonderful dad. I don't even think there's another dad quite like you. You've always been a very gracious and generous man, not only with your kids, but with everyone around you, whether it be a friend or a stranger. I've always admired that about you, dad! You taught me so many things about life and people. Probably some of the biggest things you taught me (by example) were: to love and put other people's needs before my own, to be forgiving and gracious with others, to work hard, to play hard, to love life, to see hurting people and lend a hand, that it's okay to cry and show emotion (we are really good at this one...ha ha!) and, most importantly, to love God with all my heart and be obedient to Him always. Last year, when you contracted Malaria and got so sick, I feared that we might lose you. During that time I reflected on how precious your life really was and all the people you have impacted over the years. I remember coming to that place where I found peace that the Lord wasn't through with you yet. I love that you still go to places that could put you in danger of losing your life to share the gospel. It reveals that heart of selflessness. I praise God for healing you of Malaria and Melanoma last year, and pray His continued blessings on your life! Thank you for being such a wonderful dad, Pops, father-in-law and friend. We all love you very, very much!!!
I love you! -Your only daughter

The twins would like to say something...

Pops - Happy Birthday, Poppers! Can’t wait to see you in a few months and beat you at Ping-Pong. I love you! -Darby

Happy Birthday, Pops...I love you! You're my favorite Pops in the whole world. -Dillon
Kevin's still in the field, but he told me yesterday when I talked to him to wish you a happy birthday today. I know that he, too, loves and admires you. I hope you realize the impact you've had on his life. I know it's wasn't easy to watch us drive away last summer, nor is it easy for you knowing that the husband of your little girl (no matter how old I get!) might one day have to go off to war (we've had that conversation, you and I...) but I think about the man he is today and want to thank you for sitting down with him many years ago (late in the night in our barn in Arlington...I miss that place) and leading him to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I know you miss him, dad. He loves you and misses you, too!

Your grand-daughter would like to say something...

I am so thankful for you and the man that God has helped you to be. You have always been such a strength and inspiration to me. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday that is filled with lots of fishing!! I love you very much. -Whitney

I'm sure Karl will call today. He's packing up to head to Texas...he's the lucky one who will get to see you soon. I know how much he misses you and can't wait to come see you!
You make this world a better place, dad! And, we're blessed to have you as our dad!
And our children are blessed to have you as their Pops!
You're always so giving...In many, many ways!You make us laugh!
Thank you for all the many, many, many fun things you do for us...
You're the greatest!

We miss you!!!!!!!!!
Have a wonderful birthday!


Meredith said...

What a beautiful tribute to your dad. I know he must feel so blessed! I have finally arrived in NY and also updated my blog. We are still praying for housing but we are second on the list so we just keep praying and hoping and pushing on. God is good!!! Dave got an awesome assistant and got to spend a day with the chaplain he is replacing. It's been great so far.

LAURIE said...

What a very wonderful tribute to your Dad. I never knew my Dad until four years ago,, when God reunited me with him, what a blessing for you to have such a wonderful earthly Father. Cherish every moment with him. - God Bless, Laurie

Cheri said...

What a great tribute to your dad!
How special those moments are. I'm sure you have let him know just how much he means to you-what wonderful memories he has created for you!