Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our First Military Marriage Retreat

This weekend we are doing our first marriage retreat. We attended one right after we got here, but my husband just helped with it a little...we weren't in charge of the whole thing. After our first day of training, I can tell you it has been AMAZING! The couples are very receptive and appreciative and wanting to learn how to better their marriages. It's been wonderful to work alongside my husband again!!!

We have 31 couples and 30 children. The awesome gift to these couples is that they have free lodging, free meals (all three!) and free childcare here in the hotel! We don't hold them in the room all day either. Giving them time to spend alone is important, too. These men have been working long and hard and to have this time alone with their wives and time to relax with their families is such a wonderful thing for their marriages.

Last night most of us were out walking on the beach and playing in the freezing cold water. It was so neat to walk along the beach and run into different couples. We are really enjoying getting to know them better; and hearing that this retreat is making a difference in their lives already is great! We are really looking forward to this morning's session.

I must go...(more later!)


Amy said...

Awesome. We're going to a Strong Bonds retreat at the end of the month. We went to a pre-deployment marriage retreat too... back in September of 06.

Anonymous said...

It sounds fun that your retreat was close to the beach. I think the retreats are one of the perks my kids enjoy the most. They love going to the hotel and swimming. I haven't forgotten to email you:)

LAURIE said...

I trust that the retreat went well and that everyone is refreshed in their relationship with each other and their relationship with the One who brought them together and sustains them. Bless you for your labor! love Laurie