Tuesday, June 3, 2008


"...I will strengthen you and help you..." (from Isaiah 41:10) jumped out at me this morning. I have been tired, run down by the weight of the work that I've been doing to prepare for our move on Friday, along with all the other things we've had going on with my husband's battalion, and I'm trying not to let it get the best of me. How do I know I'm tired? I hear it in my voice! Every time I open my and let the complaining and negativity out it's a reminder to me that I need to put my attitude in check and rest. I caught myself saying, "I can't wait until the weekend..." a lot lately, rather than enjoying the days at hand. I find myself not excited about our new house because all the packing taking place in the old one. That's not good!

The house is getting closer to being all packed up, but the hill is still steep. We Army folks get a "to do" list from housing about 5 pages long, filled with all the cleaning that must take place before final inspection, and that's where I feel overwhelmed. Looking at it just makes me cringe! I finally decided it might be better to make my own list, that somehow that might make me feel less overwhelmed. When my daughter saw it she made the comment, "That's not too bad, mom...only three pages now."

Trying not to complain hasn't been easy, and I've failed miserably this week. I realized just how bad it was when my neighbor asked me if I was excited about the new house and I found myself having nothing good to say. We peeked in the windows this weekend, as they are preparing it for our move in and no one lives there anymore, and both my husband and I gasped at the very small living room. "Remember you're right by the lake and closer to his battalion so you'll save on gas (it's up to $4.05 on post, and anywhere from $4.10-4.19 off post)" - that's what I keep telling myself!

Taking a long, hard run was good for me yesterday. It kept my mouth shut and my mind focused on finishing the run before me. It's funny...that's probably the best I've felt running all week! Maybe the stress is good for something after all. Ha! Getting into the Word and praying has helped even more. Well, it's back to the boxes and paper and then off to have breakfast and see my friend Sheryll's new grandson. That will be a nice break...

By the way, sorry to whoever reads this for being negative! I am grateful for so many things and just venting...

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Jenn Raburn said...

Laura - praying that you make it through this trying week. Be good to yourself!