Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just like old times...

Last night the kids and I stayed up late talking and laughing (hard) and playing. It was so much fun. It felt just like we had never been apart. This morning as we were sitting in church together, filling up the pew completely, I thought about the blessing of being all together again. I hate that my husband can't be with us, and so does he and the kids, but I thank the Lord for the opportunity He gives us to do this, and I'm thankful that I know we will be together again in December for our daughter's wedding and Christmas.

It's been such a blessing watching our oldest son and our future son-in-law interact. They both really like each other and are having a good time together. Last night they played pool and goofed off and we got lots of funny pictures of the two of them. This afternoon we sat around the table talking military. I really enjoyed listening to them both, and felt honored that there will soon be three servicemen in the family.

Pictures are what we have when we can't be together. We cherish them!!

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