Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My husband has been in the field since last Monday and sometime today he'll walk through the door! I'm so excited. It hasn't been an easy time in the field as he's been sick the whole time. His allergies started acting up day one and he's still not well. I'm hoping he gets a little time off to recover and be pampered.

This time while he was away I spent time organizing the entire house...including the garage! Since our move into this house in June, it's been so busy that I didn't really have the time to organize like I wanted to...but today it feels great to finally have it all done!

All I have to do today is wait on my husband to arrive and then give him lots of TLC. Hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later. I miss that man!

Oh, speaking of houses...I was at a friend's house yesterday and noticed this on her wall and it made me smile:


I love that!!!


LAURIE said...

enjoy that time with your man and I hope he won't be sick the whole time you are together!!! I loved that sign you shared ... I remember when God moved us from Wisconsin to Arkansas, we had just boughten our dream house, saved 10 years to buy it ... someone said to me "I can't believe you are leaving THIS house" and my reply was "this is just a building HOME is where my family gathers." and even though this HOME in Arkansas turned out to be about half the size of that dream house ...its been home.

-praying for you, Laurie

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura!

We've always said..."Home is where the Army sends us."


I've known some military families who have that sign hanging up with all their different duty stations hanging up underneath it.You can order them off the internet.

Glad your hubby is home, I hate field time, school time, overseas time, etc. too!But it sure does make us all stronger.

Thank you for your service from one military family to another. Your husband has one of the tougher jobs in the military I'm sure.