Saturday, October 25, 2008


I went to see the movie Fireproof today and I just have to blog about it. I think everyone (whether married, engaged or even single) should go see it. Any relationship can be strengthened through watching this movie. Or, best of can discover a new relationship with someone who will love you more than any human being on this earth!

I don't want to say too much...just go see it if you haven't! ...married or it. We need more movies out there like it!

Oh...and if you are an emotional person, take some tissue with you. There were several times I could not help but cry. There's also a book out - The Love Dare, that they mention in the movie, and I recommend this as well. If you click on my link above, you can see sample pages.


LAURIE said...

it was a great movie. How are things on the homefront? Have you started your job yet? - thinking of you, Laurie

patrick said...

I just got back from watching Fireproof... the over all message was solid for sure; it's great that such a different-flavored movie made it into the regular, big screen.

MaryLu said...

Bear and I went to see it last weekend! What a movie!
And yes, the tissues are a must, I forgot mine, sniff sniff!