Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13

It's been so long since I've actually written anything, and I miss it so much! I was just about to get off the computer when I realized it was Thursday and I had much to be thankful for.

As I was searching for a verse about being thankful, I came across the one above and, even though it doesn't talk about being thankful, it just seemed to resonate with me and speak to my heart. I have so much to be thankful for, yet in the midst of a very busy week I've found myself to be a little grumpy. Days and days of rain, and tons and tons of things to do at work, seemed to get the best of me...

That is until a wonderful friend reminded me, "the sun IS still shining...we just can't see it right now."

We talked for a few minutes during my lunch break and those few little words went a long way. As I reflected on my attitude and went back to work, I saw the fruit of my labor and no longer felt aggravated. I had been dwelling on the negative (lots and lots of work to catch up on from my vacation) and never even noticed how much was actually being accomplished. The piles on my desk were almost gone!

God reminded me today (through the words of a wonderful friend) that He is my strength, and He is my sunshine! There is nothing that He and I can't accomplish TOGETHER!

Just to name a few...I'm thankful for:
-Friends who speak the truth in love. I needed out of that slump!
-The opportunity we had to spend time with family and friends in Texas.
-A beautiful, wonderful wedding for my daughter and her husband.
-A wonderful husband who has been such a huge help to me and is such an encouragement (he did all the unpacking and grocery shopping when we got back from Texas since I had to go back to work!).
-Loving, sweet kids. I just love them! It was so awesome to get to be all together this Christmas!!
-My job, which provided the money we needed for the wedding.
-The love of Christ!!!
-My boys...who are urging me to get off the computer to watch the football game with them and eat pizza and relax!


Paulette said...

Just to say hello, and let you know I am praying for ya'll. I still can't email you they come back so I will just say hey in a post. I was looking at the pics on my camera earlier from Christmas, some great ones of Kevin doing the twist, with Aaron.

LAURIE said...

Praise God for the light that He shines in our hearts. I am glad to hear from you and I rejoice with you for all of the many blessings that He has bestowed upon you this past year. I am glad to have crossed paths with you in 2008. love, Laurie

Allyn Wise said...

One of Mark's favorite sayings is "It is always sunny above the clouds". I love it becuase it makes me picture the sun when you are flying above clouds and how brilliantly bright it is up there. Somehow just picturing it makes me feel better.

Sheryll said...

Yeah, you are back to your writtings!! I've missed them. They are always encouraging to me.