Saturday, March 13, 2010

I miss writing...

There are several things I've regretted not spending more time on. One of those things would be writing. I love to write!...yet that seems to be one of the first things I set aside when I have so much going on. I'm not really sure if it's because I don't want to express myself during times of busyness or what. It's something I've sure missed though.

Last night I watched Julie & Julia and it made me really miss writing/blogging. It also made me miss cooking (the real cooking I used to do before I went back to working full-time...), and it made me wish I'd pursued some things like cooking classes. I know it's not too late, but I'm not sure that's what I really want to do at this point in the deployment. I think I'd rather focus on writing more...and maybe get more written in my book. That would be good!

About a month ago I gave up spending as much time on facebook (a definite time sucker!) and only get on for a few minutes twice a week...for several reasons...and, though it has caused me to feel less connected, it has definitely given me back some of my precious time in the evenings. Though that time still flies by, at least it is spent being MUCH more productive.

I can honestly say it has been a good thing, and I have no intention of going back... I do however plan to write and blog more, while not giving up the time I enjoy spending in God's Word and growing closer to the Lord!...that's really important to me!

Since I haven't shared any photos in a long time, I might even get photos up from my husband's R&R soon! It was wonderful, and I can't wait for the REAL homecoming!!

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Julie Saint Clair Griffin said...

Hey Laura,I know exactly what you mean when you say that you don't want to express yourself in times of busyness! I get the same way.

Thanks for keeping us posted and you're in my thoughts and prayers today!