Friday, February 4, 2011

Deployments...A few photos for today

The Chapel. They started out with these benches, but my husband was able to get chairs so they could fit more people in the Chapel. Not only Soldiers attended services there; he also had contractors from all over the world. He loved it! Also, once they got Internet service, I was able to watch most of the services via Skype. It was awesome!! Before Skype, my husband was kind enough to video the services and send them to me...something I really appreciated since I missed his preaching so much.
My husband set up a room inside the chapel that he called "The Chap Ex"...a place the Soldiers could come to get toiletries, snacks of all sorts, movies, books and such for free. We had several people who sent boxes on a regular basis to keep it stocked well. The twins and I liked to fill a box (or two, or three) and send out at least once a week. Thank you to everyone who sent boxes! The Soldiers really appreciated it.
Baptism downrange. They were able to cut this broken water tank and use it for baptisms. It was winter there at this time so they brought it into the chapel.
Memorial built downrange by Soldiers to honor their brothers killed in combat.

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