Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kids & the Military

Yesterday was a very difficult day. I got a call from the school here saying that the school we came from was not going to give the twins credit for last semester. When my husband received orders we went to the school to talk to them about it, knowing we would have to move before the semester ended. Here it ended with Christmas break; there it ended last Friday. The first words out of the registrar's mouth were, "Can't you just stay here until January 28?"...NO. I was shocked. We're in the military. We move when they say move. If the boys and I did stay, that's pretty much two months of separating our family, making two house payments - with a BAH change not in our favor, deciding what stays and what goes, my husband picking out a house by himself, the twins starting the semester here a month late...need I say more?! After just coming off of a year long deployment, and the headaches listed above, NO ONE would be able to talk us into that!

To make a long story short, they told us we would just have to take their current grades with us and the school here could accept them (or reject them)....which we're finding out isn't the case. The school they left has to decide whether or not to give them credit, and they have said no they won't give them credit...or so the first person I talked to said. And we called and talked to everyone both here and there that would answer their phone, left many messages and got no calls back, and talked to both military liaison's here and there, and...well...we still have no answers.

Needless to say, we're fighting this!!! It's just not right. The children of our service men and women deserve better than this! Please pray for this situation, and for our twins. They worked hard and were in school until the day we had to depart. Just a week before Christmas break, with many driving miles in between. They're just innocent kids caught in the mess of it all...hoping and praying they don't have to redo a whole semester, and lose credit for being in school for months before our departure, working hard, and getting no credit for it. Not to mention, it could happen to us again before they graduate from high school. There has to be something to help military kids through transitions like this.


C. Shirk said...

Wow. How frustrating! Any school near a military installation must deal with this scenario all the time! I'm sure it will get ironed out, but hopefully it will not take too long or be too much of a headache for you guys. Helpful for folks to hear about things like this so we can be prepared when we are in your shoes.

Tettelestai said...

that is a bunch of hogwash! if you need to, rattle the cages of the state legislators or congressmen. they seem to be able to make things happen. you can always ask that past school folks if they would like to hear your reaction from the media...anyway, i really hope this can get worked out!!