Thursday, July 12, 2007

Alabama Bound!

We're taking a road trip to Alabama for the weekend so we can be together as a family. My husband can only drive 300 miles so we'll make the rest of the journey...about 700 miles. I was reading one of the twin's email to his dad and he said, "I can't wait to see you this weekend, dad, and it is worth the drive." I thought that was so sweet!

I definitely think it is worth the drive...especially when it may be the last time we all get to be together as a family for quite some time. That's not any fun to think about!

Well, the twins are telling me I need to get to bed (they've been so cute about this all week). We've been going to bed early and reading. I'm reading a wonderful book called Redeeming Love (everyone should read it!); one of the twins is reading Jesus Freaks; the other twin is reading My Side of the Mountain. I love it when I see Dillon getting excited about what he is reading and wants to read it to me. Darby wishes he would hurry up and finish it so he can read it! Evidently, My Side of the Mountain isn't as good.

My family is so precious to me. I praise God for the opportunity to be together this weekend!!


Anonymous said...

That's cool, Laura!! I am reading "Redeeming Love", too! Have a great trip. ENJOY!! Kathy Wiliams

Heather said...

Have a fantastic trip. I will be expecting to see some family pics! :)

Amy said...

Glad you got to see him again.

Miss ya,