Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We already miss him!

My daughter and I talked about turning around at least 10 times today! It was extremely tough to leave. I could see the sadness on my husband's face as we packed our bags, and knew we were dreading the same thing - saying goodbye AGAIN...
One week from today they will pack up all our household goods and the house will be empty. I'm sure that day it will REALLY sink in that moving is just around the corner. Three weeks from today will be my last day at work (where I've worked for 3 and a half years), and will leave behind some very dear friends (I'm really dreading this), and the following day I will head back to SC with the twins. You would think I would be used to all the change by now, and every new step wouldn't seem so strange, but I'm not, and it does. I keep wondering what it will be like to move so far away this time. We've done it before, but never without two of our children. I know though, in all things, that God's grace is sufficient! I praise God for a wonderful trip and for keeping us safe as we traveled.

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