Thursday, August 30, 2007

CH-BOLC Graduation Banquet

Some of Kevin's closest friends. I know he is really going to miss them.
These are the other new chaplains going to the same post as us. The boys had a really good time, but I think the one thing they liked most was being with their dad. They were all smiles and we loved having them there with us!
It was a great night and I'm still amazed at all God has done. We're so honored to be serving Him and the men and women of the Army.


Allyn said...

Y'all all clean up so nicely! I love seeing y'all in celebration mode.


Millie said...

The dress looks real nice!! You are beautiful. Love, Mom

Whitney said...

How is your hair done? Did you go back to the snoody ladies shop and get that dress haha? The twins look so cute tehe!

Laura said...

Whitney - Granny found that dress way back in her closet and my hair is just in a clip...I REALLY missed you for that one. I kept saying I needed you there to fix it after 10 tries at other things.

Rachel said...

Great pictures. It looks like you guys had a great time. You have a beautiful family, Laura.