Friday, August 31, 2007

Chaplain Spouse Training - Day 3

Yesterday's seminar was as some would say "a roller coaster ride" as we discussed everything from children in the military to deployments. We had more time to ask questions and you could tell from the questions we all wanted to know more about personal experiences. We had Q&A time with four chaplain assistants, Q&A time with four chaplain wives and then one chaplain wife talked to us about her experience with four different deployments (over a 25 year span with two kids in all different stages of life). It was very interesting and she was hilarious! I loved her positive attitude and creativity, and she gave us some great ideas. The Red Cross also came and spoke. I found that to be very helpful and it gave me a sense of security knowing how they will work for us should we ever need them.

Our husbands/soldiers joined us for lunch again yesterday and that was wonderful. We had a great time getting to know other chaplains and wives during that time. I was also thrilled just to sit there beside my husband and really soak in what was taking place.

There were several times yesterday that I found myself still thinking, "I can't believe we are really doing this" (with great excitement). I'm so proud of my husband and the hard work he's done to get to this day of graduation. I know he will be an awesome chaplain and I can't wait to see him in action. The next few days are going to be very emotional for both of us as we move forward - saying good-bye to good friends here and then at home, saying good-bye to our family, and then finally getting on the road to a totally new place - somewhere we've never even visited. We are excited about this new adventure, but saying good-bye will be very tough. I know the Lord will be with us and bring comfort and strength to all and I praise Him for that.

Without Jesus in our lives this wouldn't even be possible so we give Him all glory, honor and praise! This journey truly began many years ago when we surrendered our lives to Him and we're forever grateful for His love and forgiveness that brought us to this place.

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