Thursday, August 23, 2007

In just two hours we'll be on our way to see my husband!!! And, the best part about it, this time we won't have to say good-bye!

I've been waiting for this day for three months. It's amazing to me that it's finally here. I've had this day on my calendar since he left; I've had this date as part of my password at work; I've had it etched in my mind and I'm so happy this day is all about starting something new in my life. I leave behind a lot of things that are special to me, that have helped me grow and will always be a part me, but I look forward in great anticipation to the new things that God wants to do in my life.

I still got up early like I would had I been going to work, but today it was to go sit outside and watch the sun come up and pray. In the days to come I plan to do the same thing, as well as cook breakfast and visit with my husband before he heads off to training (which will be 4 a.m. instead of 5 a.m.).

Two weeks from today we will be on our way to our new home. That's still really strange to think about...only because we will leave behind the older children. I'm glad I still have a little more time to prepare for that. I'm excited as can be about the move, but I only wish we could take them with us. I know God will help us all through it so I'm not going to worry!

Thank you, God, for this beautiful day and the sunshine that fills the sky. Thank you a new day and new adventures. Keep us safe as we travel. Amen.

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