Thursday, August 23, 2007

Only four hours away

...once we wake up in the morning that is! I drove 12 hours today and am resting at a hotel now. Every time I would get really tired, or was hurting because I'd sat so long in one position, one of the twins would say, "Just think about daddy, mom. We're almost there!" He cracks me up!

My husband is in the field until about noon or so tomorrow. I know he's getting excited about us getting there, even though he's got to be worn out. I could hear it in his voice! I feel the same way (although driving for a whole day doesn't even begin to compare to what he's going through!). The best part about it - we don't have to say good-bye this time!!! (Well, maybe not the best...but something I am really happy about!)

My parents walked us out to the car this morning and hugged us all good-bye. I think they were probably thinking what I was - in a week and a half it will be good-bye for who knows how long. I tried not to really think about too much while I was driving. It's good to just think about the week ahead and being with my husband again.

The twins are so excited about being with their dad again and seeing what the Army Post is like. They were too young to remember anything about our life in the military before so this will all be new to them. One of them is overly excited and wanted me to drive the rest of the way tonight. There was no way...but it is good to know we can sleep in and only have to drive four hours tomorrow!


Paulette said...

Wow it was good to see your post, as I checked on you tonight! I cannot believe you are only 4 hours away, that is awesome. I am praying for much needed rest tonight for you and what a Happy day it will be tomorrow!!
I pray the Father keeps you safe.
I love you!

Laura said...

Thanks, Paulette. The long drive kind of took its toll. I haven't been feeling well since before I arrived at the hotel. I slept pretty good, even though my body aches. Lesson learned - don't drive so far in one setting! I'm praying it won't linger...

Thank you for the prayers!