Sunday, August 12, 2007

Smiles, laughter, children

This morning I MADE myself lay in bed longer than my typical 5:00 a.m., only to be blessed by waiting on my twins to awake to take a walk. I love taking long walks here. My parents have a beautiful house on a lake and it's so relaxing to take walks and look at God's creation. Today it was more about laughter and enjoying their company though. The twins, two of my nephews and I went walking. We all had our headphones on walking to the beat of our own songs when I had the idea to play Follow the Leader...but not the way it's normally done. Whoever was stepping out in front (we'd call out names to go up front) would call the shots.

They did the funniest things. From running to walking in the craziest ways to dancing in the streets. If anyone had driven by they would have thought we were completely nuts! They were so hilarious!! I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Children are a blessing from the Lord. God's word tells us that. I believe it! I love my children so much. I love all my nieces and nephews. I am blessed to have so many surrounding me...reminding me to be a kid and enjoy the simple things in life! Thanks for a fun morning, boys!

I've been worn out for weeks now and today is a new day! It's good to know all is packed and on its way to our new home. Now I can focus on resting and enjoying my family more!! Praise the Lord!

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