Thursday, August 9, 2007

It's Real...

I'm officially moving! It couldn't seem more real...well...I guess it could. Tomorrow I'll probably be saying it again and meaning it more. There are boxes all over the place and tomorrow they will take it all away. I am feeling it, too. I'll be honest; I cried some this afternoon after the movers left.

My daughter came to stay with me tonight. She called on her way home from work to tell me she wanted to do that. I was happy about that (not that anyone could tell because I'm so worn out...but I was!). I need to sleep, but I'm not sure how much I will. We'll probably lay there a while, in my boxed up room, talking about old times. I already miss her. I know...I say that a lot...but I will!

I had the Realtor send me some pictures of my house today. So, here's two of my favorite rooms...where our family gathered to spend time together, where we shared Christmas together (opening up presents and talking about Jesus' birth), where we laughed together, cried together, sometimes had long, difficult conversations, read the bible together, sang together or just listened to our oldest two play their guitars for us, wrestled, sat by the fire, watched television, ate together, painted (One day the twins and I painted so long I was sick as could be from the smell of the paint, but we were having so much fun together that I continued on.), chatted with friends and family, celebrated birthdays, looked at pictures or home videos together, had ladies' bible studies...I could go on and on.

Isn't it great that we can take our memories wherever we go!!!

Maybe I'll add the outside once I actually move. It just seems sort of crazy to me to put a picture of the outside of where you live online...


Paulette said...

Yes, thank heavens for memories. My favorite memory being at your house is you surrounded by your four kids, so much in love with there mama.
Doesnt matter where you go you will always be there mama.
Glad your daughter is with you tonight. Mine is home as well, and I love it.
Praying for you.

Amy said...

What a day. Excited about what is ahead, but already missing what you're leaving behind. Love ya, praying for you.