Saturday, August 18, 2007

Today we are celebrating our daughter's 18th birthday by having family and friends at the lake for a party. We've got the cake, the food, the gifts...everything is ready. We're only missing one thing - DAD! It's hard to think about the fact that he might not always be able to be with us for birthdays or holidays. I'm sure those times are coming, just as this one did, but during those times I pray we can help him to feel connected. I know it must be much harder on him than it is on us. Today we will call him when we get ready to cut the cake and wish her a happy birthday. It won't be the same without him here, but at least we can somewhat share in the moment.

Only 6 more days...
This time next week we will be back in each other's arms and enjoying our family being together again. I can't wait!!!!

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