Thursday, September 20, 2007

Home...for now

Several people have asked me to take pictures since I've talked about our hotel in several of my blogs. Here ya go...Can you tell it was built in the 50's? You would think they would at least update the style of the comforters (ha!). Do you see the brick walls? The wall to my left is a light green color. The fan in the window is our air-conditioning. Most buildings here don't have AC since it's pretty cool most of the time. I'm taking the picture standing by the door and tiny bathroom and open closet area. The containers next to the refrigerator hold our pots and pans and food. We go to the community kitchen to cook. When the twins got home from school today we baked cookies and made dinner together. (This has been fun for us!) Now we're just waiting for dad to arrive home so we can see how his day went. In the picture above, the twins are making some sort of structures out of the cards. In the picture below, this is the outcome. They like to do this at least once a day...They also taught me how to play hearts...which I'm completely terrible at! I lose every single time (even when Kevin is trying to be nice and take some of the hearts for me!). I'm going to have to teach them some other games! We usually play a while in the evenings. you can see, it's pretty much your typical hotel room...and our home for the next couple of months probably. By about the 2nd day I had settled in and I've grown to like it. Every time we went out to look for something else, it made me think I would miss it if we moved. In fact, the other three family members made comments like that, too. My favorite part is the big window. It makes the room feel bigger, and I can see the boys playing football from there.Last night when they were throwing the football around, they ran upstairs to get the camera because they noticed this...The picture doesn't do it truly is an amazing sight! This morning it was even more beautiful.

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Paulette said...

It may not be new, but it looks very comfortable.I think it would be a fun adventure! I love staying in hotel rooms.
Thanks for sharing it is fun to share in your new adventure through pictures and writings.
I am still praying about your home selling.