Friday, September 21, 2007

Beautiful Day

I couldn't ask for a more beautiful day today! There's hardly a cloud in the sky and the weather is perfect. I've had a really good week and have truly enjoyed living here thus far. I am excited about the weekend as my husband just told me we are going away for the weekend to stay in a really nice hotel (for free!) about 30 minutes from here, with a room with two king-size beds and all meals paid.

We've been asked to come observe a marriage retreat, lead by the chaplain my husband works with, since we will also be doing them in the very near future. I say "we" because they encourage the chaplains that are married to have their spouses help lead the seminars. We were thrilled to hear that!! They do quite a few seminars for married and single soldiers and I think that is awesome...especially during this time of war when many soldiers and their families face some pretty difficult times.

They aren't requiring anything of us so we'll just come and go. The twins will be with us so we don't want to take away too much time from being with them. They're excited about the weekend, too. We won't be putting them in child-care, but for anyone who attends the marriage retreats there is free child-care. I'm looking forward to seeing how these retreats are done!

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