Friday, September 21, 2007

Wow! (...update from my last post)

When my husband said the hotel was really nice, it was an understatement. It's amazing!! We walked in and the twins and I couldn't believe how nice it was. Our suite is also really nice, with two very comfortable king size beds, a living room area and - the twin's favorite part - two big plasma T.V.'s (our twins look so cute in their big bed, in their own room, watching their own T.V. I think they feel like kings!) The twin's I know there are some really fancy suites around, but we're not really accustomed to that sort of thing! (And a far cry from what we've been living in...thank you for the break, Lord!) On the drive over my husband was telling me the hotel manager was the one who invited us to stay tonight and gave us this suite for free. The rest of the families will get here tomorrow and the retreat will start in the morning. Wow! What a blessing!!!
Our room (what I could fit in the picture)...
After we checked into the hotel, we walked along the boardwalk and ate at a really nice restaurant on the southern part of Puget Sound. It was AWESOME!!! The twins felt really special. We let them order their own plates. They were four-course meals and we felt a little out of place, but that's OK. It was a lot of fun!
On a more serious note, my husband is so excited about the retreat tomorrow. He's actually going to do the introduction. I'm so excited for him! We're really looking forward to spending some time with the soldiers and their spouses. We pray this will be a wonderful time for them and that they will all be ministered to this weekend.

I feel as though this is the beginning to a beautiful ministry...


Paulette said...

Wow is right! Isn't it neat how God gives you a little reprieve and blesses you?
Sounds like an exciting time that Kevin can meet the soldiers and wives. He has waited for so long and this is it!
What an amazing weekend ahead.
I was sitting in your former church last night and had some great memories, it seems so long ago.
Have a wonderful Blessed weekend!

Whitney said...

AWESOME!! Is that on the ocean? I'm so jealous! I can't wait to come, I'm actually afraid I won't want to leave!