Saturday, September 22, 2007

The marriage retreat is going really well. There are 28 couples in attendance and they seem to be enjoying it. It's weird to hear everyone calling my husband "sir". He's been a great leader today and I'm really proud of him for helping with this retreat. He did a great job with the introduction and even threw in a great illustration about the purpose of the seminar. I think it helped everyone to feel more at ease.
I helped a little with registration and, during that time, I had the opportunity to get to know his assistant - who I found to be a great guy and really excited about working with my husband. I think they will make a great team! After that, I went in for his introduction and then later came back with the twins to have lunch with the rest of the group. I enjoyed that time since it gave me the opportunity to talk with some of the couples.
I spent most of the morning with the twins while my husband was in the seminar though (playing at the park, playing cards in the lobby, swimming and whatever else we could think up to do). The seminar part of the retreat ended around 2:00 and from there we walked less than a block down the street to the Farmer's Market and then on down the boardwalk to a boat ride out to see the seals. Just before we stepped in the boat we saw a seal eating a HUGE they're all itching to fish!
Here's some of the pictures from our afternoon...

Check out this houseboat, pops! The twins thought you would appreciate this picture...Some of the homes around here are wild! Their cars can be pretty far from their homes. We saw one walkway that probably had 200-250 stairs headed up to their driveway. I wonder how often they get out!

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