Sunday, September 23, 2007

A great weekend!

The marriage retreat ended really well and then we headed back to the Farmer's Market to buy fresh fruit and vegetables before heading back home. Evidently, this is a great place to grow Dahlia flowers (some seen in my floral arrangement above and below) because they were all over the market. I hope to grow some in my yard next year...they're so beautiful and have such a unique look (although you can't really tell from the pictures)...
Once home, we decided to check out the fishing on the lake on post. It's a really pretty lake and we had so much fun. I caught 19 fish...and was the only one to catch a beautiful rainbow trout!! DJ came in 2nd with 12, DR came in 3rd with 9, and my husband was too busy getting them off for us to count his (poor guy!). I told them my worms just looked better than theirs! I'd wrap those slimmy worms all pretty around that hook and almost as soon as I dropped my line in they would start biting. Most of the fish weren't very big, but that didn't matter to the was catching them and they weren't. They would make me laugh so hard as they'd watch to see what I was doing and copy me, or drop their line right beside me (and I'd still get the fish). I finally stopped so they could try to catch up. ha! (Unfortunately, I can't prove any of this because I forgot my camera in the car...oops!...oh, isn't that what they all say?!)

A few minutes before we leaving the lake, a couple came down where we were fishing. He had just returned from Iraq and she had reserved a cabin for them to get away for a while. My heart sank as he shared with us that he just returned yesterday, after being there for 15 months, and that this had been his second tour. My husband and I both welcomed him home and told him we wished them the best, but I walked away wishing I could have said or done more for them. I can only hope and pray it will be a wonderful reunion for them and that all will be fine. I know this is a really tough time for our soldiers and I hope people everywhere are lifting them up in prayer!

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