Friday, September 14, 2007

Trying to keep our chins up!

Today I checked us out of a really nice hotel suite into a dump on post...real bummer!! We're trying to keep a good attitude about it, but we're a little in shock since they have one brand new hotel and one other that is fairly new and in much better condition. As we walked down the hall, we knew it might not be too good...then my husband stopped at the door and prayed it would be nicer than what we were walking through. Sadly, it wasn't.

We did, however, get the boys enrolled in school and they will start on Monday. It's a very small school and everyone who worked in the office was REALLY nice - especially the twins' counselor. Talking with her was the highlight of our day. She was a super nice, strong Christian woman and we both left there feeling our boys would be in good hands. They are excited about starting on Monday.

We went out to dinner and talked about keeping our chins up and smiles on our faces. We plan to look for apartments tomorrow and pray our post housing becomes available very, very soon!!!

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