Friday, October 26, 2007

Today my 20-year-old son and I went to the ocean. We also went to the zoo and aquarium just off the beach. It was so different from a zoo you would see in Texas. None of the terrain was man-made! As we walked around looking at the animals, experiencing the strange sights and feel of small sea creatures and just enjoying our time together, I thought about the small little boy who once walked by my side, holding my hand...much like the many moms and small children we saw throughout the day. I was reminded that it wasn't so long ago that he called me "mommy" and I was grateful that he wasn't too old to go to the zoo with his mom. I was grateful that, even at his age, he was wowed by God's amazingly wild and interesting creatures; that when we walked by a fun photo booth he said, "Hey mom...we could take a picture together!" As we were leaving, this little boy about 2 years old was walking towards me and he looked so much like my son when he was that age that it immediately took me back to what definitely doesn't feel like that long ago! I am glad for times like today when I can spend time with my first-born. He will leave for the Air Force soon and, even though I'm extremely proud of him, I will miss him terribly!

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